Abu Sayeed PhotoMd Abu Sayeed Mondal, Founder everylearning.org

Software Engineer, Github: sayeedkhalshi, Twitter / x : sayeedkhalshi,

NestJS, NextJS, TypeScript, Rust, Go, Solidity

Rustin -vevent.io, westcoastnft.com, posterity.io

Went above and beyond and adapted to the changing project features as we learned the correct product to build and expanded the feature-set. If he is not an expert on a topic, he spends time to learn as much as he need to complete the project effectively. Also, he adapted to my availability across timezones, which made it much easier to stay in contact.

Alexandre Gonzales -Founder - qoddi.com

Great freelancer to work with, easy to communicate with, and delivers good quality work on time every time. Will definitely hire him again soon!!

Aim to reach for everylearning.org (ongoing research and product design for a suitable decentralized learning system for all)

  1. Document each learning - each hypothesis from each perspective. Where hypothesises do not have to be proved. Every expression is already because someone had felt it. Maybe from a distorted sense but still they faced it. We need to know what certain perspective has to say for a certain situation.
  2. Name each learning - each hypothesis. Naming or terming a perspective makes us name the feelings and we can communicate our feelings using those names
  3. Understand each perspective by understanding how they are built
  4. Describe each perspective from every other perspective
  5. Describe each terms from every other terms
  6. Every gets to share everything
  7. P2P debate and moderation to resolve conflicting expression, manipulation, lies and propagandas.
  8. Documentation of learning each topics by a learner
  9. Reviewing each others learning, reviewing reviews too
  10. Categorize learners by their learning and working ability
  11. Developing projects and gathering teams to build a project
  12. Funding oppurtunity for each projects
  13. Project and team management
  14. Earning for each task done. Each learning, review, comment, project etc
  15. Award for each category. Anyone can create an award and ask for funding. Automate the system for winner