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Abu Sayeed

Abu Sayeed is a software engineer. Have 11 years of experiences in working with some medium size startups. Can develop enterprise level software with infinite scalability. He's originally from Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Hobbies included photography, hiking, cricket and playing with children.

Beside that in 2019 I made a 38 minutes long short film that is on Prime Video called 'The Blushing Boys'.

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Abu Sayeed is a software engineer

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TypeScript, javaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL, React, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, React Native, Rust, Golang


I helped with the database design and django API in year 2015. Pretty much a solid work that was acquired later for a few millions. My biggest work. Thanks to the founder Bijoy Dimdong. He says...

If Sayeed wouldn't know how to handle that much of data, probably it would cost me more with a cloud service. Truly blessed to have him.

Swinance.com/ Melakoticket


I setup project, created the feature of post, react and users. Thanks to the founder Emmanuel. He says...

Sayeed planned out and setup the project superb. It's on pipeline and we can manage the whole team easily.

u2cam.com or u2cam.com on my server

Django Junkie

I helped with the magento project of Calleen Cordero but got really inspired in software engineering to learn more by this project. The founder Dave Brown helped me become a well enough software engineer in year 2015. Thanks to the founder Dave Brown. He says...

Sayeed is awesome and a good friend. He has integrity. Happy to work with him